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    Denver Photo Highlights


    I Enjoyed My Day Exploring the Mile High City

    Denver, Colorado also know as the “Mile High City” is a city buzzing with life, history, sports bars, restaurants and is the home to the baseball team the “Colorado Rockies.” I rose early to catch the “Bustang” a commuter bus that took me from Fort Collins right into the heart of Denver. I started my time in Denver with a free walking tour that took us around the highlights of the city. I then had lunch at a sports bar in the heart of the city. Later I rented a bike and cycled alongside Cherry Creek. I then met my cousin and uncle to head out to for dinner and then to the Rockies game.


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    Sometimes You Just Have to Keep Going

    mental health


    Where I am At These Days


    It’s hard to put into words what I am feeling right now. This blog post is not going to be perfect with all the proper grammar etc. I am not perfect nor I am I complete nor a finished work. The past while has not been easy. I have been battling with some deep dark thoughts. I feel I have been sinking deep in a pool of water and every time I come up for air its a battle. Some days I’m strong and some days I’m a mess of broken pieces. Broken pieces trying to inch their way back together. I have battled on an off with depression for 10 + years.  In the face of this crippling yet vast grey monotone space of an illness I’m fighting to believe in the beauty if my dreams. Fighting to believe I can still live the life my heart desires.



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    Where I Want to Go With This Blog


    I have been focusing a lot on travel at the moment. For the future I feel I would like to talk more about traveling with chronic pain and mental health issues. As well I would love to showcase more of my art and  express myself creatively on this blog. Right now I’m not so sure I can travel too far until I’m a little more stable. I also have some debts to pay off this year. I figure I will showcase the creative side of this blog. So continue to journey with me.


    Enjoy This Video I Made Recently


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    My Favourite Travel Moments of 2016

    Favourite Moments 2016


    This Year Was a Year of Endings and Beginnings


    Among my favourite moments of 2016 I ended a relationship with my boyfriend of 1 year. As well I finished my music diploma and got to graduate from Bible College. I quit my job in retail at a small store and took up temp work with an agency instead. Lots of risk and a bit of uncertainty.


    Favourite Moments 2016

    Standing Strong in the Rocky Mountains

    My Favourite Moments of 2016


    I had my first experience in an Airbnb on Salt Spring Island, explored my own backyard, spent the month of July hosting several different couch surfers at my bachelor apartment and in August took off to the US on a 2 week-long trip to visit family and see Seattle and visit Colorado State.


    I also launched into a new business venture with people I really love. As well I made appearances with my first few guest posts on the Blonde Wayfarer, Travel is Not Just for the Young and on the Wandering Blonde, Q + A with Creative Heart Travel and Traveling in Your Own Backyard. Yes this year has had its ups, downs and in-betweens.


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    Colorado Rocky Mountain High – Photo Highlights

    Colorado Rocky Mountain High

    A gorgeous sunny day driving through Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park.


    Rocky Mountain National Park


    I had the pleasure of visiting Rocky Mountain National Park with my family this past summer. Rocky Mountain National Park, located in the State of Colorado is a must see for anyone passing through the Pacific Northwest. With breathtaking views, ear popping heights, endless trails to hike and wildlife to spot.  This US National Park is a treat for the senses and a playground for the outdoor enthusiast.


    I’m glad I had my family with me (my aunt, uncle and cousin) to give me the grand tour.  We spent a day hiking in the Estes Park area and another day driving to the highest heights of the mountains and past the continental divide. With majestic and expansive the mountains for miles I was more than amazed! As a result, it could be easy to get lost if you went off the beaten track. Also while on our hike my cousin Kendall and I spotted a mother moose with her two baby moose. This trip was a special time to see my family as well as to explore some amazing sights the great US. This all being said, you could say I was on a Colorado Rocky Mountain High!


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    Travel Doesn’t Make Me Completely Happy

    Ambleside Beach


    Honest Confessions


    Hello dear readers. It’s a beautiful day here in North Vancouver and the sun is shining. However, nothing particularly epic has happened today, I woke up, took myself out for coffee, met my mom for a brief moment, did my laundry and cleaned my dirty dishes. All is well because deep down I know there is hope. I know I’m not alone. In those moments where I feel alone I know deep down that I am not.

    “Travel on It’s Own Doesn’t Make Me Completely Happy,” you may be quite surprised at this title. “What!?” You’re asking, “How can travel not make you happy? You’re a travel blogger!” You live to travel. Yes I love traveling and its a passion of mine however there’s more to life than just travel itself. There’s more to life than endless castles, museums, cathedrals, beaches, buses, train and airplanes. Travel in itself can not fulfill my souls deepest longings. There that is my honest confession.

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    Seattle Photo Highlights

    I had a blast in Seattle a few weeks ago. I absolutely love this vibrant American city. Here are some of my highlights in photos that will inspire you to visit.


    Seattle Photo Highlights

    Seattle cityscape. My view from the boat cruse I took around Elliot Bay


    Have you ever wanted to visit the Emerald City?  A few weeks ago, I had an absolute blast exploring a lot of the top sites this fun city has to offer.  Seattle has a Seattle City Pass which you can buy at any of the main attractions in the city (I bought mine at the Space Needle).  If you want to get a taste of this glorious city then the pass is your key. Offering admission to 5 of Seattle’s top attractions, you save almost 50% on each one. My favourite attractions in the pass included that of the Space Needle, the Argosy Harbour Cruise and the the Chilhuly Garden And Glass Museum to name a few. As well I also really enjoyed learning more about popular music at the Experience Music Project Museum in the city centre. Here are my photo highlights from my trip;


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    Travel Dreams, Travel Fears

    Travel Dreams Travel Fears

    What are your greatest travel fears? What are your greatest dreams? we all have dreams whether we acknowledge them or not. They add colour and meaning to our lives. When acted upon and lived out one can be said to be in a state of bliss and in the centre of their greatest purpose. Many of us bury our dreams and tell ourselves they are silly, too big and too lofty to attain. What are your biggest travel dreams? What are your travel fears?




    We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

     Yes it’s true and the above quote hits home in so many ways. We weren’t put on this earth to shrink down and be small. are meant to shine. We are more glorious than we give ourselves credit for. Inside each of us is a wealth of beauty and potential so great that we often fail at times to see it. I see this in myself too. Sometimes I find myself apologizing for who I truly am so that I don’t step on people’s toes. But really I was made to live boldly, fearlessly and confidently. The same goes for all of us. I was made to overcome my travel fears and so were you.
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    48 Hours in Montreal, Quebec

    48 Hours Montreal

    The streets on downtown Montreal


    Montreal Is Awesome!


    I had yet another amazing travel adventure spending 48 hours in Montreal last July. Two days exploring this city is not enough to get the full meal deal rather I only just skimmed the surface. I would have loved to spend more than one day here. As well, I would also love to work on my french and be able to speak it better. Most people who live in Montreal speak both French and English.  I attempted to ask a few people for directions in my broken French. As a result it made for both some funny awkward moments. If you travel to the Province of Quebec be sure to put Montreal on your list!!


    48 Hours Montreal

    Montreal has some of the coolest contemporary street art in some of the most places around the city.



    Montreal is One Artistic City 


    Whether it be the pleasing aesthetics of buildings, the quirky modern street art or the hundreds of music events and artistic festivals. Montreal is brimming with the arts.  Part of my time in Montreal I was passing through on a music tour. I got to add to the artistic scene with a few performances in local spots. Be sure to soak up some of the artist vibe of the city.


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    July Couchsurfing and Local Travel Adventures

    Local Travel

    View of the Lionsgate Bridge and Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.

    July has been an exciting month full of many adventures in my own city and surrounding area. This past month I decided to open up my apartment to couch surfers from Was it ever a blast! Instead of me going out in the world the world came to me. I had surfers from Germany, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, the US and Australia. My home became like a mini hostel in many ways. I had a blast cooking, showing them the local sites, whale watching, exchanging travel stories and lots of laughs!! At one point I had 5 people (including me) staying in my 450 square foot bachelor apartment. What crazy fun. I have written before about  Why I Love Couch Surfing and Think It’s a Great Idea. If you love meeting new people and going on adventures why not give couch surfing a try?


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    Traveling Depression Ways to Manage





    Traveling Depression 

    Today I am going to talk about traveling depression. This is something I feel is not an easy thing for many to talk about.  Mental health issues in themselves have a lot of stigma surrounding them. I feel there are many people who are struggling with things like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bi-polar disorder etc. They feel because of their struggles that they will never be able to live a happy and fulfilling life. Many of them have travel dreams and places they want to go to. Many people who struggle with mental health issues are not able to work and therefore can’t afford to travel somewhere. I’m here to prove that travel depression doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying all the world has to offer.

    Let me be the first to say that I have had my share of battling with depression. For most of my 20’s I battled depression that left me paralyzed and hardly able to function. When I was about 20 for a period of 6 months or more I could hardly get out of bed. Everyday I woke up I was afraid of another day. Another day of living in the pit I was trapped in. For much of my early 20’s I would have times of victory and times where I was in the absolute depths of depression. I have had time where I was battling with traveling depression.

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