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30 Day Creativity Challenge

Creativity Challenge

I’m Starting a 30 Day Creativity Challenge


What’s a 30 Day Creativity Challenge you ask? Well is a call to action to be more creative with my life and with this blog. So far I have focused on the travel side of this blog but not so much the creativity part. Creative Heart Travel is about documenting my travels near and far through creativity. In an effort to bring this about on my blog I am going to challenge myself. For the next 30 days I have to do something creative each day. This could be writing a song, doing a sketch, making some art, making up a dance, traveling to place or neighbour in my backyard and take photos etc. It’sjust something small each day to document everyday life in a creative way. We need more creativity and beauty in the world.



Creativity Challenge

Glass art in Seattle, WA

I Lived Out Creativity to It’s Fullest in Childhood


When I was a child I was creative to my core. I would sow stuffed animals from scratch and give them to my parents for Christmas and as well i would play make-believe in the backyard alone for hours pretending I was a princess with a pink flying horse. Writing musical scores with my sister and taping them on my little cassette tap recorder was a favourite past-time. I made comic strips, stories, books, songs, art you name it. Somehow as I grew older I lost touch with this to some degree. The pressure of having to pay bills, make ends meet and all that comes with adulthood got in the way. I want to be in touch with that creative little girl again. All my dreams to dance, travel, make albums, paint masterpieces are my adult version of my younger self trying to surface.


Inspired by my hike up Mt Gardner on Bowen Island

The Rules of the Road For the 30 Day Creativity Challenge


  • I will leave perfection at the door
  •  no judging  myself or my work
  • I will create fearlessly and not create just to please others
  •  do something creative everyday for 30 days starting tomorrow November 14th and go until December 15th
  • document this 30 day creativity journey through this blog and social media.


Now its you turn you creative soul. What do you long to create? Will you join me on this 30 Day Creativity Challenge?

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