My 40 before 40 Dreams List


Welcome to My 40 Before 40 Dreams List!

I originally got this idea from Valerie and Rachel as they posted a 40 before 40 Dreams List to their blogs. Thanks ladies for the inspiration! As a result, I have made a list of 40 dreams and goals I want to accomplish before I turn 40. I believe strongly in writing things out and when doing so it activates our brain to go into action and make things happen! Writing things down and making a plan helps us to live and make our goals and dreams a reality. So without further ado here is my ’40 Before 40 Dreams List.”



40 Dreams List


  1. Travel to New Zealand for a year or two on a working holiday visa
  2. Go bungee jumping in New Zealand
  3. Go skydiving in New Zealand
  4. Study in Australia at Hillsong College in the dance stream
  5. Make a living as a traveling musician (busking, playing shows, selling music online, teaching online)
  6. Be location independent and have a job that lets me work remotely
  7. surprise a waiter/waitress with a $100 tip after eating a delicious meal.
  8. Get my British Citizenship and live in the UK for a year while taking trips to Europe
  9. Become fluent in a 2nd language( French or Spanish)
  10. Live in France for a few months to learn french.
  11. Take ballet classes all over the world and learn to dance on pointe.
  12. Visit Israel and go on a tour
  13. work on a Kibbutz for a few months in Israel
  14. Go back to China and Volunteer with children through International China Concern for 3months to 1 year
  15. live in an RV and travel around Canada and the US while working remotely, busking and playing music
  16. Take the Via rail Train Across Canada while performing music on board
  17. live in another major Canadian city for a year or longer, Toronto or Montreal
  18. buy an electric keyboard and take some more piano lessons
  19. Collaborate with some other musicians and write some songs together
  20. Play more house concert type shows
  21. get a seasonal job on Vancouver Island, live in Tofino, BC for the summer.
  22. do some more couchsurfing and meet hosts from all over the world
  23. Take my family on a trip. All expenses paid. Disneyland, Hawaii etc.
  24. go to Brazil and visit some of my friends there.
  25. Backpack the Juan de Fuca and the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island
  26. meet someone special and travel and make music together.
  27. Really see my blog take off and inspire people travel more
  28. Be an advocate for people with depression, anxiety and chronic pain and inspire them to travel
  29. become a coach and help people with travel preparation, overcoming fear and making their travel dreams a reality
  30. visit lake Louise and explore Banff and Jasper, Canada
  31. experience the music scene in another Canadian city, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal etc.
  32. Take a trip to Maui, go snorkelling, surfing and explore the island
  33. Experience the music scene in Melbourne, Australia
  34. road trip along the Great Ocean Road in Australia
  35. take another trip up the East Coast in Australia
  36. change 1 or 2 people’s lives for the better
  37. have a fan base with my music and followers from people all over the world
  38. make another music video
  39. share my faith with someone sitting beside me on the plane and bless them and pray for them.
  40. finish recording my 2nd album “Creative Heart” and release it.

40 Dreams List

The Dreams I Want to Accomplish Over the Next Year


Start My Working Holiday in New Zealand

About 2 weeks ago I was approved for my working holiday in New Zealand. This is so exciting! This being said, I am now able to get a job in New Zealand!  My departure date will be around early 2018 (February/March). As a result, I  will get to experience a dream I’ve carried in my heart for a long time! Some things that need to be in place before I head to New Zealand are;

  • pay off some remaining debt I still have
  • save for my trip. I plan to have at least $5000 in my bank when landing
  • downsize and organize my stuff. Decide what to keep, sell and what to give away.
  • get my overseas health insurance and organize the medical side of things

Finish and Release My 2nd Album ‘Creative Heart’ 

A few months ago I raised $1000 through crowdfunding to go record my 2nd album in the studio.  I have pretty much finish all the recording and the album will be mixed and mastered and then released. As well I  am super excited that I had the help of friends, family and my community to help fund this album. The  release of the album will come sometime this fall 2017. Therefore, I need to have in place before I release the album;

  • talk with the producer about the mixing
  • get all the songs mastered
  • contact a place to get 100 CDs printed.
  • set a time for a CD release show!!


Deadline for These Dreams: June 1, 2018



What are some of your dreams? Why not make a list and get working on them a dream at time.  If you’re in your 30’s why not make a ’40 Before 40 Dreams List.’



40 Dreams List

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  • Reply Kendal

    Wow, you’ve got quite the list and it’s full of amazing adventures. Have fun!

    • : Array
    June 18, 2017 at 6:23 pm
  • Reply Wendy

    Awesome list, Kara! How inspiring. My favourite is #28. 🙂

    I love that picture of you in front of all that funky stuff! Is that gum??

    • : Array
    September 22, 2017 at 3:47 pm
    • Reply Kara Lockwood

      Hi Wendy, I love that you picked the thing on the list that’s more of a selfless thing to do. I think when we give to and inspire others we get so much in return. Yes I’m in front of the famous gum wall at Pike Place Market in Seattle 😊

      • : Array
      September 22, 2017 at 3:56 pm

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