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48 Hours in Montreal, Quebec

48 Hours Montreal

The streets on downtown Montreal


Montreal Is Awesome!


I had yet another amazing travel adventure spending 48 hours in Montreal last July. Two days exploring this city is not enough to get the full meal deal rather I only just skimmed the surface. I would have loved to spend more than one day here. As well, I would also love to work on my french and be able to speak it better. Most people who live in Montreal speak both French and English.  I attempted to ask a few people for directions in my broken French. As a result it made for both some funny awkward moments. If you travel to the Province of Quebec be sure to put Montreal on your list!!


48 Hours Montreal

Montreal has some of the coolest contemporary street art in some of the most places around the city.



Montreal is One Artistic City 


Whether it be the pleasing aesthetics of buildings, the quirky modern street art or the hundreds of music events and artistic festivals. Montreal is brimming with the arts.  Part of my time in Montreal I was passing through on a music tour. I got to add to the artistic scene with a few performances in local spots. Be sure to soak up some of the artist vibe of the city.



48 Hours Montreal

St Joseph’s Cathedral


Montreal Has Some of the Most Stunning Architecture in Canada 


It’s a known fact that there was a settlement here long before Canada became a nation in 1867. As a result there are some beautiful old a rustic buildings in the city. I got to take a tour of some of Montreal’s finest Cathedrals. Old Montreal (the oldest part of the city) is something you can’t miss if you go to Montreal. That’s where you can find the Notre Dame Cathedral. Make sure you take a tour of one or more of Montreal’s Cathedral’s and visit Old Montreal.


48 Hours Montreal

The highest dome in St Joseph’s Cathedral



48 Hours Montreal

An artistic shot of Montreal’s China Town


Explore Montreal’s China Town


Another great fact about Montreal has one of the biggest Chinatowns in all of Canada. Especially relevant are its streets bustling with Chinese architecture, cheep food and souvenir shops. I took this shot while walking though these streets. This photo was altered it to make it look creative. Hey this blog is called ‘Creative Heart Travel’ 😉 Wish I had some more time to explore this area. There was a lot of discover.


48 Hours Montreal

The Majestic Notre Dame Cathedral in the centre of Old Montreal


48 Hours Montreal

Inside Notre Dame the sanctuary is immaculate!


48 Hours Montreal

A creative shot of the flag for the Province of Quebec


48 Hours Montreal

A look at the streets of the old part of Montreal


48 Hours Montreal

One of the many busking groups that made the streets come alive!


48 Hours Montreal

Posing on the edge of the Saint Laurence River


48 Hours Montreal

Performing my music at a quant little cafe in Montreal.


My Show at Cafe Shaika 


As I mentioned before when I came through Montreal I was on a music tour. Cafe Shaika was one of the places I performed. Teaming up with local musician Carlos Candido, we in turn sang the night away! Throughout the evening I got to meet a few people here and make some connections. I hope to bring my music all over the world and blog about it. In conclusion, my time in Montreal was a complete blast and very memorable.


Have you ever spent 48 Hours in Montreal? What was your experience? Would you ever go back?

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