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I’m Afraid to Travel Longterm!

Travel Longterm

I’m Kind of Afraid to Give Up My Life to Travel Longterm


There I said it. It’s been confessed. My secret is out in the open. I am afraid of longterm travel! I am not the brave girl who has it all together. If you have read some of my other posts on here like Traveling Depression Ways to Manage  then you’ll really know that I don’t have all my ducks quite in a row. Yes some days I am confident that I am going to quit my job, give up my apartment pack up all my stuff and head into the sun for endless adventure. But most days I am afraid of doing this. Afraid of the unknown, of change of giving my apartment which is my safe place. You see in my past many times I have often not felt safe. When I am in my beautiful spacious bachelor suite I feel I can just let loose, hide from the world a bit and feel comfortable. I am safe and comfortable but then I am not out there living this dream of moving abroad. Man it can be a real endless battle in my mind.


The Solution


Many people I have talked with have encouraged me to just go to New Zealand for a short time. Go for 1 or 2 months, have fun, scope out the place and then make the decision if I’d like to come to New Zealand long-term. I can plan an amazing 1 to 2 month trip while keeping my apartment and home base here in North Vancouver. It really doesn’t have to be all or nothing at all. Man I really do beat myself up sometimes. I’ve got to be easier on myself.



Travel Longterm

How I Will Take Care of Myself in This Time


1.Create More Adventure in My Current Life – I will take the time to do things I love and that bring me life! I will:

  • take a week or weekend out in November to travel somewhere local. Ex. I could take the ferry over to Victoria, take the train down to Oregon, go somewhere close by that I’ve never been to before!
  • go to dance class! I used to love taking ballet man I haven’t done that in so long. Dance is such a great outlet.
  • learn a new language. I’ve always wanted to be fluent in a second language. I love French and Spanish.


2. Worry Less

  • I will make time to pray, meditate and listen to positive audio. I love motivational speakers like Les Brown and Joel Osteen.
  • plan to stay connected to God and cast my cares upon Him.


3. I Won’t Over Commit 

  • I will be realistic on what I can and can’t do in this time.
  • I’ll say no to things that don’t uplift, inspire or feed my soul in this tim


4. I Will Be Gentle With Myself 

  • I won’t beat myself up for not being able to give my life up to travel longterm quit yet
  • plan to ease into this working holiday.
  • will aim to  take things slow and steady and as they come.



Travel Longterm


Have you ever been caught between wanting to make your dreams happen and but lacking the courage to go forward? Does longterm travel scare you?


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