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My Biggest Travel Dreams


My Biggest Travel Dreams and Travel Wish List


You could also call this post my travel wish list. This is a list of places and dreams that I have regarding travel. I have been listening to a lot of inspirational speaking lately. One talk I listened to was by Tony Robinson and it was on the subject of visualization. What we hold true in our minds tends to take shape in our lives. If we are thinking badly about ourselves and not feeding our minds with positive thoughts, books, people places and things our lives will tend to go to a negative place or we will remain stuck in our muck. When we visualize our dreams, our wants and desires we are more likely to manifest them in our lives. There is a saying that goes, if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand. 



 Travel Dreams

Overlooking to Colorado Rocky Mountains from One of the Highest Points

Visualize Where You Want to Go and Travel To


You can take 10 or min a day to do some visualization. See yourself walking on those beautiful beaches of Australia, see yourself embracing and living in another culture, see yourself making new friends and travel companions on the road. What you believe you conceive. So all this being said I want to give you the inside to some of my travel dreams.




Travel Dreams

 I Would Love to Live in Another Country for a Year or More


I’ve had this on my heart for a long time. I’d like to experience living abroad for a year or more. Even studying abroad would be a neat experience. Some ideas I have regarding this include getting a working holiday visa for New Zealand, studying in Australia or working as a volunteer for a year in China at the orphanage I visited a few years back. I also would like to get my British work permit or passport and spend a year in the UK. Then I could travel over to mainland Europe while I live in the UK.  Living abroad for a year is something I’d like to experience in my life time.



 Travel Dreams

An older shot of me while on my trip to the east coast of Australia 2005.


I Would Love to Travel the World As a Musician


This is something I’ve thought of a lot. There are many opportunities for musicians out there if you look hard enough. One thing of particular interest to me is Via Rail’s ‘Artist on Board Program. It’s a special program for Canadian Musicians that allows you to travel across Canada by train while playing music on board. I’m also a big fan DIY Music Tours where you plan the route you will go and play music along the way. I did the during summer 2015 where I booked shows in different Canadian cities. I was basically this unknown artist but I had fun and made some connections. Another way for musicians to get around the world is by busking/performing on the street. I do a lot of busking here in North Vancouver and would love to try busking in other Canadian cities and cities around the world.



 Travel Dreams

Busking in one of my favourite spots in North Vancouver



I Would Love to Volunteer My Time Abroad to a Cause That Moves My Heart


I believe strongly in giving back. And what better way to do this then to volunteer abroad. When it comes to volunteering abroad I believe longer term is better. Going for longer than a few weeks gives you time to immerse yourself in the culture, build deeper relationships with those you’re serving and make a deeper impact. Don’t get me wrong short-term can be good too. I went on a short-term volunteer trip back in July/August 2014 with an organization I highly recommend, know and believe in. I wished with all my heart that I could stay for longer than 2 weeks as when I left the children and youth at the orphanage we were all in tears. Yes I could see myself going back to China with International China Concern and volunteering for 6 months to a year with them. It something that for sure has been on my heart




 Travel Dreams

Section of the Forbidden City in Beijing China



Well dear readers, its your turn. What are your biggest Travel Dreams? How would you like to make them become a reality? 




Travel Dreams

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  • Reply Karlie

    These are good dreams! I have to say, though, it’s a lot harder to travel when you live abroad than you think (I’ve lived in South Korea for three years and have only went abroad twice, and once was a special occasion for wedding). The nice thing about your list is you don’t have to choose between some of them–you can work and volunteer. One of my biggest dreams is to do a multi-day hiking trip in Iceland, but I have a lot of other ones, too.

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    March 31, 2017 at 8:30 am
  • Reply Kara Lockwood

    HI Karlie, yes I believe living somewhere long term is a lot different then traveling around from place to place. You’d probably have an apartment, a job and more of an expat lifestyle. I think it all depends on what one’s goals are. I like the idea of living and working abroad while getting to know the culture of the particular country. All the best with you dream to hike through Iceland! That sounds amazing!
    Kara Lockwood recently posted…My Biggest Travel DreamsMy Profile

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    March 31, 2017 at 9:23 am
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