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Colorado Rocky Mountain High – Photo Highlights


Rocky Mountain National Park


I had the pleasure of visiting Rocky Mountain National Park with my family this past summer. Rocky Mountain National Park, located in the State of Colorado is a must see for anyone passing through the Pacific Northwest. With breathtaking views, ear popping heights, endless trails to hike and wildlife to spot.  This US National Park is a treat for the senses and a playground for the outdoor enthusiast.


I’m glad I had my family with me (my aunt, uncle and cousin) to give me the grand tour.  We spent a day hiking in the Estes Park area and another day driving to the highest heights of the mountains and past the continental divide. With majestic and expansive the mountains for miles I was more than amazed! As a result, it could be easy to get lost if you went off the beaten track. Also while on our hike my cousin Kendall and I spotted a mother moose with her two baby moose. This trip was a special time to see my family as well as to explore some amazing sights the great US. This all being said, you could say I was on a Colorado Rocky Mountain High!



Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Shot of me standing tall and proud on the edge!


Colorado Rocky Mountain High

My awesome family and tour guides. From left to right: Aunt Deb, Kendall my cousin and Uncle Rich.


Colorado Rocky Mountain High

One of the many Aspen trees we saw along the way. Can you see the marks at the bottom of the tree? Moose sharpen their antlers on these trees.


Colorado Rocky Mountain High

The view looking down on cub lake. You can really see the trees that have been eaten by the beetle kill here.


Colorado Rocky Mountain High

The mother moose with her two babies. What a sight to behold!


I Love My Family in the USA and I Love, Stand and Pray for America!


I realize I’m writing this post at a pivotal time. As we know there is a lot of unrest going on in the US and around the world with the results of yesterday’s election. I was debating whether or not I should publish this blog post highlighting my time in America. However I want to post it because I believe in my neighbouring country. I know a lot of beautiful Americans. As you know I have friends and family that live over the border in the US. I want to publish this blog post because I want them to know I love them. I love America and I’m praying for this beautiful country.


America I had a blast this past summer exploring the beautiful State of Colorado and I had an amazing time with my family who welcomed me into their home with open arms. America there is a lot of beauty and strength in you. Stand together and stand strong.  Even though there is fear right now, stand together in love! Fight evil with good. I had an amazing time in your country and I love you, I believe in you and I’m praying for you!

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