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 Creative Heart Travel is the space where I document my travels both near and far through creativity. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kara and I have an incurable love for this beautiful world, its countries languages and the people in it. I love traveling whether it’s in my own backyard or overseas. Now that I’m in my early 30’s, I’m only beginning to break into the wonderful world of travel. I have visited Australia, China, England, Scotland and the US. It may be a small list but I’ve had meaningful experiences in all these countries. I only want to see, hear, taste smell more of this beautiful world!


Where It All Started…..

It was somewhere in my teens where I began to have a huge desire to travel and developed a love and interest in other cultures. I remember in grade 11 one of my goals was to have several friends from all over the world! Also I remember the students that were taking Spanish 12 got to go to Spain (I took french and we didn’t go to France!) I remember my friend Mila went to Spain with her Spanish 12 class. I remember hearing about her trip and longing to go to a far off place myself. This dream came true at the age of 19 when my friend I took off to Australia for a 6 week backpacking trip.


Creative Heart Travel

A 19 year me at standing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia


Now I am 31 years old and since that 6 week backpacking trip (which was 3 months for me) I have gone on more travel adventures. Since then I have spent a summer on the West Coast of British Columbia, spent 5 weeks traveling solo around England and Scotland, went on a volunteer trip to China (where I spent 1 week travelling solo in Beijing ) and most recently went on a music/travel tour across Canada by train. After tasting a little bit of travel and what it has to offer I am ready for more! I am dipping my toes in the pools of this great big world.


Creative Heart Travel

Standing with one of the Queen’s guards at Windsor Castle, just outside London, England.

Why Creative Heart Travel?

Why call this blog Creative Heart Travel? Well because I am creative to my core and believe we all are creative human beings. I have a desire to travel and to see more of the world. As well I want to document my travels through creativity, whether it’s sketching, a song, photography or painting. And I want to inspire you the reader to be more creative and live your true calling. Whether you want to travel more or find more freedom in life then follow along with my journey. There will be tips, travels stories, advice and adventures to come! See my Travel Art page for a collection of my art, songs, cool photos at more!!


Creative Heart Travel

Me standing on the Great Wall of China


Now for some fun facts about me:

  • graduated with a music diploma at a bible college in the Vancouver area. See my post on Should You Quit School to Travel the World?
  • started formal dance lessons when I was 22 years old!
  • went bungee jumping in Cairns, Australia
  • I tend to talk out loud to myself when I am at home in my apartment – no I am not crazy!!
  • I have been Couchsurfing in many of the locations I’ve traveled to and love to host surfers at my place in North Vancouver.
  • One time I got stranded on Salt Spring Island on the west coast of British Columbia
  • I am one spontaneous free-spirited gal and I’m almost always up for a good adventure



I look forward to developing Creative Heart Travel  as I go, exploring more and inspiring you the reader to travel and be more creative. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. May you all be uplifted, inspired and come along with me on this journey.


Happy Traveling and Creating!



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