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Creative Ways to Document Your Travels

creative ways

Today’s post is part of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge! Today is day 2 of my challenge and I will talk about creative ways to document your travels. Before I start here is what I did for day 1:



We Are All Creative In Different Ways


Creativity doesn’t have to be limited to the arts. Maybe you are a creative cook? An architect? An inventor? Maybe you are creative with business or come up with great administrative solutions. My blog focus primarily on being creative through the arts but there is more than one way to be creative. Use your imagination. So here is it my list of creative ways to document your travels. 


Carry a Sketch Book


Sketch books are an easy an affordable way to document your travels. They are also easy to carry with you. I personally use the Pentalic Sketch books in black. I get them from my local art store but you can order one here. Sketching is one of my favourite past times and there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a beautiful view and sketching what you see before you.



creative ways

Sketch I did while on Salt Spring Island, Canada


Take Photos


This is one of the most common ways to document your travels. However having the right camera is key. I take most of my photos on a Canon Rebel T5 DLSR Camera. Not only is this camera great for beginners but the price is right for DLSR’s. It comes with a 18-55mm interchangeable lens. I carry this camera with me on my travels and have got some great shots with it.  To order yours go here.



creative ways

Photo I took with my Canon Rebel T5 DLSR. Location, Bowen Island, Canada


Take a Musical Instrument With You


Music is a great way to enjoy and document your travels. Are you not quite sure of your musical abilities? Have you always wanted to learn guitar? I would love to teach you how to play guitar via Skype!! Please go to Kara Lockwood Music to find out more and contact me through there!

I always carry my guitar with me almost everywhere I go. Taking a guitar with me is an integral part of my travels. I have the Simon and Patrick Songsmith Guitar and love it! You can also get a smaller Parlor Guitar which is easier to carry with you. Why not get creative and carry a ukulele? They are so cute and little and fun to carry around and they are a great conversation starter!



creative ways

My beautiful Simon and Patrick Guitar. Photo Credit: Cally Petersen


Blog About Your Travels


Want a great way to showcase all the above? Put your sketches, photos and songs all on a blog and build up a readership! Better yet why not monetize your blog and earn a bit of extra money while you travel? I always take my Macbook Pro with me wherever I go! I personally love Apple products. Not only is Apple an innovative company but I find their products very durable and user friendly. Let apple products be your perfect travel companion. I also have the iPhone 5S in white and it has not failed me.


Many Creative Ways to Document Travels


Whatever you decide to use to document your travels know that the sky is the limit. You trip is special. There are as many ways as there are unique and individual people. Take your trip to the next level and document it creatively.

What creativity do you have hiding in you? What creative ways would you use to document your travels?




*** all links are through the amazon affiliate program. I will earn a commission on any products you buy. I stand by 95% of the products I recommend.  Nothing here is recommended that I don’t personally use or love. Please feel free to ask me any questions about recommended products.





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