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I’m Going to New Zealand in 2018!!

I Have Some Exciting News!

Back in May I was granted my New Zealand working holiday visa! I am now able to head down to New Zealand and work. It only took 6 days max to get approved! Immigration New Zealand was so friendly and helpful on the phone. I am looking forward to making my way down to this beautiful country early 2018! Big thanks to my friend Nicky Sharkey (a resident kiwi;) and to Crystal Le of The Petite Adventurer  for their generous photo contributions!


New Zealand

A panoramic view of Cathedral Grove


I Will Be Staying With Friends Upon Landing

I will land in Auckland and will stay with some of my family friends for a week or 2. These are friends that our family has known for years. They have already been so helpful with answering some of my questions. I plan to stay with them and get over my jet lag and see a bit of Auckland. From Auckland I will head to Tauranga where I will visit my friend Nicky. Nicky is an amazing gal pal of mine that I met online a few years back. We have been able to encourage and get to know each other from afar over messages, emails and video chat. I plan to stay with Nicky and her family for a bit and explore a bit of her area with her. So very excited about this.


New Zealand

Panoramic View of Whangamata Beach.


I Hope to Live and Work in Tauranga for a Bit

I have been speaking with some of the leaders of a community home which is located in the heart of Tauranga. This is a faith community that seeks to share life, meals and the love of Jesus with backpackers and couch surfers who come to stay at the home. There might be a space for me in this when I come to Tauranga. This community is also passionate about music and the arts as well as backpackers and people from all over the world. I feel this kind of community would be a great fit for me as I am a person of faith who love backpackers, couch surfers and the arts!


New Zealand

The beauty of Cathedral Grove

Onward from Tauranga…..

After my time in Tauranga what happens next is a big question mark. The the community in Tauranga is part of a world-wide Christian ministry called Steiger. Steiger started in Germany and is all about sharing the good news of Jesus with the world. As a Christian I am always interested in how I can better love the people around me and share the faith I have come to know over the years. Steiger New Zealand has another  leg of their ministry called Jandal Journeys. Jandal Journeys is all about backpacking around New Zealand and sharing the love of Jesus with other travellers as you go. This is super up my alley. I see myself with my guitar and playing songs for people along the road. And what better a way than to bring my faith into the mix as well.


New Zealand

This is a photo taken in Milford Sound courtesy of Crystal Le of The Petite Adventurer

Some of the Challenges I Face Leading Up to This Trip

It has been said that the hardest part of longterm travel is leaving. I have been hit hard with so many fears, doubts and what-ifs. What if I hate New Zealand, what if I get hurt, what if I can’t find a place to live when I get back from New Zealand. These are just F.E.A.R.s (False Evidence Appearing Real) . Instead I should be telling myself what if I LOVE New Zealand? What if I have the time of my life and feel super safe? What if when I come home to Vancouver I find and even better living situation and another super amazing job? I love the latter questions a lot better. It’s better to focus on the positive rather than the negative. I believe we create our own reality with what we think.


New Zealand

More of Milford Sound courtesy of The Petite Adventurer

This Will Be the Time of My Life

In life there are never any guarantees. I could stay in my little apartment, in the same town I grew up in going to the same job everyday until the day I die. I could stay bound up in fear scared of all the BIG GIANTS out in the big bad world.  But what kind of life would I be living if I stay cooped up in the prison of fear. Yes I declare to my future self 2018 will be the year I go to New Zealand! 



New Zealand

Hobbiton – part of the Lord of Rings Trilogy movie set courtesy of The Petite Adventurer


What fears do you have in life? What holds you back? Would you ever travel long term as a way to face your fears?

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  • Reply Crystal Le


    What an exciting adventure you have planned next year! I’m so pleasantly surprised to hear that your working holiday visa also got approved so quickly. New Zealand is beautiful everywhere you look; you really can’t go wrong anywhere you decide to go. I hope you also get a chance to meet a real life kiwi! They are a lot harder to find than most may think :).

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    June 17, 2017 at 10:23 pm
    • Reply Kara Lockwood

      Hi Crystal, thanks so much for your comment. I am super excited! I hope I get to hold one of those cute kiwi birds!

      • : Array
      June 17, 2017 at 10:28 pm

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