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Saving Up for Travel – My Action Plan



Lack of sufficient funds can stand in the way of a lot of us pursuing our travel dreams. Many of us feel we have to be rich, have a trust fund or have our parents backing our travels.  The truth is that with planning and little bit of creativity you can save up for that dream trip. I hope to in the next year or so take my dream trip down under to New Zealand and Australia. Here are steps I am going to take in the next year to reach my goal.

1. I will cancel my membership at the gym I love going to to the gym and I love how I feel when I’ve finished a workout. Truth is the monthly cost for the gym can really add up. Instead I will walk, run, work out at home with my matt and weights and go biking. I may not have a nice gym with tons of machines to work out on but with a bit of effort and creativity I can make my own home workout.

total monthly savings = $35

2. I will cut out my daily coffee habit. Yes I admit I am a coffee and fancy latte addict. Having a daily cup of coffee from the local coffee shop is a comfort for me. I am going to work hard to break this habit. I estimate I spend $5/ day on coffee and specialty drinks if not more. They are my vice. Instead I will make coffee or tea and home or drink the tea and coffee that is supplied at work.

Total monthly savings = $150

3. I will negotiate with my internet provider for a lower rate. Currently I pay around $80 to Telus for my home internet. I know Shaw their competitor charges their clients around $65 for the same internet package. I will call Telus and ask if they can match Shaw’s price. If not I will switch to Shaw or another provider.

Total monthly savings = $15

4. I will cancel e-mail marketing account with Constant Contact. Currently I am using Constant Contact as an email marketing service. I have a list of about 35 email contacts and I don’t send out a lot of emails. I am going to switch my contacts over to a free email platform like mail chimp. I will save a lot every month!

Total monthly savings $28

5. I will continue to pick up odd jobs on the evenings and weekends. 

Babysitting = $2oo/month

teaching guitar lessons = 5 students at $50/ month = $250

Busking = $250/month

total earnings = $700

My expenses (Rent, food, hydro, internet, etc total around $1200

My current income is $1700 (from my job and the things listed above)

I can currently save $500/ month for my next trip. If I save $500/month for the next year I’ll have $6000 by June 2017. Exciting!

So this is my plan. What is your plan? What can you do to save for your next adventure?


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