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Should You Quit Your Job, Sell all Your Stuff and Leave it All Behind To Travel?


Today I discuss the topic of whether or not you should quit your job, sell all your stuff and leave your life behind to travel the world. This is a question that many of us ask especially if we have a passion to travel, explore and see what the world has to offer. Maybe we’re feeling stuck in a life, a job situation, a  relationship or a circumstance that is making us unhappy. Maybe we’re just restless and want to see what is out there on the other side of this beautiful planet of ours.



Vancouver, the city I call home


In today’s post I will take a non-bias approach to this topic and as well tell you what has been working for me and how I view this topic. I believe the subject of whether you should just quit your life at home is deeply personal and different for each individual. I believe there is not wrong or right answer when it comes to this. As well I believe that no one can tell you what’s best for you. Whether you keep your job and travel part time, travel local on the weekends or quit your life at home to travel full time is totally up to you. People can have opinions all round of whether it’s good, bad, right or wrong. But in the end dear reader it all comes down to you. I know this is not what many people want to hear. I believe deep down we want someone just to tell us to go for it!! We want people to guide us. If many of us are honest (and believe me I’ve been there) we want to please the people in our lives that are closest to us. But in the end it’s really our decision to make.


So that all being said let’s look at some examples of people who have managed to make travel part of their life style. All these examples are travel bloggers who have made travel a priority. Some of them travel full time, some only part time, some make money from their blogs and on the road, while  some have a full time job at home and travel on their weekends and vacation time. All in all they have build a life where travel is a part of it. Here they are in no particular order;


Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt, a travel blogger from the US, started traveling when he was 23. Now in his early 30’s he has build a successful business around travel and does it pretty much full time. He is an expert on subjects like budget travel and how to travel the world on $50 a day. He is proof that one can successfully travel the world for long periods of time. However his lifestyle come with a lot of hard work. Read some of his inspiring blog posts like Why It’s Never The Perfect Time to Travel and The Day I Quit. If you are thinking you’d like to travel full time and make it your life, Nomadic Matt’s blog is a good one to read.


Amanda Williams – A Dangerous Business

One of my absolute favourite travel bloggers is Amanda Williams from “A Dangerous Business.” Amanda in my opinion has found an excellent balance between living a “normal” life at home and living a life of travel. She is stationed in a small town in Ohio where she lives with her long term boyfriend and pet cat. She recently made the leap from working at an office to becoming location independent and working from home. Her job allows her to take several shorter trips multiple times a year. Though she could take off and travel full time she prefers to have a home base. I really enjoy Amanda’s blog. It’s neat, tidy, user friendly, entertaining, informative and she takes amazing photos and writes beautifully. Her travel philosophy is that you can live a “normal” life at home and still travel and see the world. Amanda is the perfect example of a young woman that has balance in her life. Check out some of my favourite posts by Amanda, You Can Live a Normal Life and Travel Too and Why I Didn’t Quit My Job to Travel.


Rachel – The Blonde Wayfarer

Another great example of a part time traveler is that of Rachel who runs a blog called the Blond Wayfarer. Rachel lives on the outskirts of New Jersey in the US and works as a high school English teacher. She is a great example of someone who has a job and a home base but manages to travel several times throughout the year. Rachel is a new travel blogger and is not yet making a full time living from travel. The fact that she is putting her self out there and starting her blog is amazing. Rachel has a very down to earth and personal approach to her travel writing. You feel as if you can relate to her. She writes posts about being a fearful flyer and its ok to make mistake as a travel blogger. I have become a fan of Rachel over the past month and I will be guest posting on her blog! Stay tuned!!


Sipping Tea

Having afternoon tea at a cafe in Brighton, England.


Should You Quit You Quit Your Job and Life to Travel? – My Personal Thoughts

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post everyone’s at different places in their lives. Some people thrive on continuous travel where some prefer to just travel part time. There is not right or wrong or black and white answer to this question. At this time in my life I prefer to have a home base in Vancouver with a job, an apartment, my friends and family and travel part time. I am definitely open to longterm travel and living in a different city or part of the world for a while. However in this time of life  I’d like to stay in Vancouver, have a home base and life here and pursue travel part time. I see myself traveling on my days off and on any vacation time I get from my job. I am about to finish school and get my diploma in music which means I have some student loans to pay. I am in the process of looking for a second or a part time job. I am also doing some babysitting and teaching a few guitar lessons here and there.

I used to dream of quitting my job, my schooling and giving up my apartment to travel the world. I realized that it’s not the right thing for me in this time of my life. Would I like to do it in the future? Absolutely! I am definitely open to it. Sometimes I dream of getting my British citizenship and working in the UK for a year.  At this time in my life that I can build a wonderful life balance full time work with travel.

Finally, I can’t tell anyone what they should or should not do with their life. In this post I have referenced and few different bloggers both longterm and part time travellers as well as giving my own thoughts. Whatever you decide, I do hope that you make travel a part of your life, whether part or full time. Let me know what your thoughts on this matter are. Should you quit your job, sell all your stuff leave you life behind and travel?



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