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Solo Female Traveler in Beijing

Solo Female Traveler in Beijing

Enjoying my time on the Great Wall of China


People Were Afraid of Me Going to China as a Solo Female Traveler


In this post I talk about the week I spent in Beijing as a solo female traveler. I received comments from people like, “That’s not too smart Kara.” “You want to travel all alone in China??” “I don’t think that’s really wise.”  There was so much resistance toward me spending part of my time in China alone as a solo female traveler that I had to pick and choose who I told my exact travel plans to. During summer 2014 I went on a 22 day trip to China. For most of the trip I was with a group but towards the end I got to experience the joy and trill of traveling around a big Asian city all by myself! You know what? I’m alive. I am well. I didn’t die and I had an absolute blast!!!



Solo Female Traveler in Beijing

Ti’anemen Square


Solo Travel Can Be Rewarding


Now I’m not saying that every woman should just strap on a back pack, book a plane ticket to China, drop everything right away and go for it. What I am saying is that with careful planning, knowing your destination ahead of time, saving the right amount of money and the right attitude, a solo female traveler can have a blast traveling alone around a city like Beijing!! I’m a huge advocate for women traveling solo. Many woman have successfully done this and have come home safe. Read these blog posts for more inspiration on solo female travel:


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My Time As a Solo Female Traveller in Beijing was Rewarding


During my time in Beijing I stayed in a hostel in centre of the city and met lots of other interesting travellers. Through the hostel I booked a day tour to some of Beijing’s top attractions like the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven.  As well I booked tickets and a ride to a Chinese Acrobat show – a must see if you are in Beijing! I also managed to get lost a few times (I found my way), mastered Beijing’s excellent subway system, get sucked into buying some original over priced Chinese artwork(a story for another post) and my favourite activity of all I biked through one of the famous Hutong neighbourhoods!  I did this all without knowing hardly any Mandarin and all on my own!


Solo Female Traveler in Beijing

At the Forbidden City


Would You Travel To Beijing Solo?


Solo female travel can be a rewarding and confidence building activity. I know my confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed after my experience in Beijing. Dear ladies, and men too, but especially the ladies! I hope you won’t let fear hold you back. I hope you will find that inner warrioress in you and go for it. Solo travel as a female can be a rich experience!



Solo Female Traveller in Beijing

Inside one of the Hutong Neighbourhoods

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