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Day Trip to the Sunshine Coast

What a Beautiful Day to Go to the Sunshine Coast.


As many know in 6 months I will be heading to New Zealand. So at the time being, as most of my money is going towards saving for my NZ adventure, I will be sticking to local adventures. This past weekend I grabbed my good friend Kellie, put on my hiking shoes and my day pack and headed over the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast is an easy day trip from Vancouver. All you have to do is get to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and board the ferry for Langdale. Once aboard the ferry you will feel as if you are getting away to paradise and far from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Sunshine Coast

Me aboard the ferry feeling happy to be getting away for a while.



My friend Kellie who joined me on the day trip and graciously let me take her picture.

We Went Hiking in the Sargeant Bay Area Just Outside Sechelt


Once off the ferry Kellie and I took the bus into Sechelt, one of the main towns on the Sunshine Coast.  We ate lunch and then took the bus out to Sargeants Bay where the driver dropped us off at our hiking trailhead. Kellie and I then proceeded to hike 1.5hrs out to Triangle Lake. The trail took us through twists and turns in the woods and out to a very tiny lake that looked more like a marsh. But none the less was a great time of bonding with my good friend.


Sunshine Coast

The trail on the way to Triangle Lake.


Sunshine Coast

Triangle Lake

Hitching a Ride Back to Sechelt


It took us about 3 hours round trip to complete our hike. Once we were done we found ourselves back at the trailhead that the bus driver had dropped us off earlier. Unfortunately the buses were not frequent in along the road in the Sargeants Bay Area. Kellie and I looked at each other and decided we were going to hitch a ride back to Sechelt. After 10 cars passed us a lovely lady picked us up and drove us back into town. She was super happy to give us a ride and were had a great conversation about life on the Coast. We were super thankful for the ride and happy to grab dinner and fill up our water bottles.


Sunshine Coast

The beach in Sechelt.

Enjoying Some Time at the Beach in Sechelt


After dinner we headed down to the beach. I was needing to cool down a bit after the hike so I went for a swim. The water was super refreshing and the it was the perfect way to unwind after an afternoon hike. Once I had finished swimming we headed for the bus that took us back to the ferry terminal. We then caught the 7:30 ferry back to Horseshoe Bay. What a great day and time on the Coast!


Sunshine Coast

The Sun shining on the water in Sechelt.


Getting to the Sunshine Coast from Vancouver


By Bus: Take the 250 or the 257 Express from downtown Vancouver. You can catch this bus at Georgia and Granville on the westbound side of the street. The 257 Express is the faster route. Where the 250 is the slower more scenic route. Both will get you to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. Take the Langdale ferry as a foot passenger. Once on the other side you can catch a few buses that will take you to different places close by on the coast.


By Car: Take Hwy #1 from (the highway is outside the city centre so google map your directions to the highway) and cross the Second Narrows Bridge. The trip will take you approx 25min once you cross the bridge. Be sure to watch for the signs that tell you to get in the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal lane (one lane takes you past the ferry terminal so make sure you watch)! Once at the terminal get in the Langdale lane. Visit the BC Ferries  website so you are up to date on all the fares.


I had a great time on the Sunshine Coast. What are some of your favourite local spots?

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