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The Great Big World is Waiting


11214371_10155883205410724_4390291184321903212_nI am so excited to be starting this new blog! I have dreamed of not only traveling the world but documenting my travels through creativity. I see myself doing plein air painting in France, traveling with my guitar and writing songs along the way and capturing beautiful and authentic photos of the places I visit. I am stoked for this new adventure. I would like to share with you guys the words to a song I wrote about traveling. I am planning to go into the studio and record this song soon. I would also like to do a video of me singing this song live too. For now here are the lyrics;


The great big world is waiting

The streets call out my name

 My soul it is aching

My heart cannot be tamed

 For long I have rested

In this place I call my home

But I know my feet were meant to

Take this world and roam


 So take I’ll this road and follow

The dreams close to my heart

 I’ll be the hero of my adventure

I’ll stand up and play my part

I’ll take the next flight out

And remember

To live and be my best self

Now and forever


Long I have dreamed

Of views I could explore

Long I have been yearning

For life to show me more.

This heart it has been waiting

Aching with a groan

Crying out to venture

To places I’ve never known












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