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Travel Doesn’t Make Me Completely Happy


Honest Confessions


Hello dear readers. It’s a beautiful day here in North Vancouver and the sun is shining. However, nothing particularly epic has happened today, I woke up, took myself out for coffee, met my mom for a brief moment, did my laundry and cleaned my dirty dishes. All is well because deep down I know there is hope. I know I’m not alone. In those moments where I feel alone I know deep down that I am not.

“Travel on It’s Own Doesn’t Make Me Completely Happy,” you may be quite surprised at this title. “What!?” You’re asking, “How can travel not make you happy? You’re a travel blogger!” You live to travel. Yes I love traveling and its a passion of mine however there’s more to life than just travel itself. There’s more to life than endless castles, museums, cathedrals, beaches, buses, train and airplanes. Travel in itself can not fulfill my souls deepest longings. There that is my honest confession.


Travel On It's Own Can't Make Me Happy

The sunset over Puget Sound.


Travel Is Awesome but Travel Alone Can’t Complete You.


Don’t worry this post will end on a positive note. I’m not here to be a downer and to discourage anyone from traveling. I think travel can be a real rich experience. It can educate you in ways you never dreamed or imagined. You can get to know other cultures, places and people. Travel can open up your mind in amazing ways. What I am getting at in this post is using travel to fill a void in your life that travel alone can’t fulfill.  A void that not even people, places, jobs and experiences can fulfill.

Let me be the first to say that I do not have things together. There are still days where I’m lost, confused, down, depressed and a complete mess. However, I have gotten a little closer to experiencing what makes my soul come alive. I’m still not completely there yet.I’m still on a journey and have yearnings that can’t seemed to be fulfilled by anything in this life. There’s a hole inside of us that can’t be completely filled by just relationships, possessions, position in life, a job a house and even travel.


Travel On It's Own Can't Make Me Happy

A beautiful waterfall I caught on camera while taking the train through the Canadian Rockies


I Have Felt Alone Before Living My Travel Dreams


I have stood on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Australia (Whitehaven Beach In Queensland)  and felt more alone, lost, hurt and confused than ever before. I remember sitting on the deck of a sail boat in the beautiful tropical Whitsunday Islands and feeling a sense of, “Is this it? Is this all there is to life? There must be more! I’m on the other side of the world living my dream, yet I’m more lost than ever! ” On the flip side I felt more alive and free than I did 4 hours a way on Vancouver Island during the course of summer 2007. I was volunteering at a youth summer camp, exploring the beautiful West Coast of Canada and making lots of friends and connections.


What Was Different?


You might wonder what was different?  Why so lost in lonely thousands of miles on the other side of the world “living the dream.” Yet so alive and free only a few mere hours away from home? The answer to this question is that I had changed. My whole being had changed and experienced something so amazing, so wonderful and so compelling. What this girl experienced was the love of God and in 2006 encountered God in a way that would change me for the better.

Staying in a recovery home here in my community, I was depressed and suicidal.  I remember one night at the end of my rope I cried out to God. I put on some quiet music in my room and surrendered my life to God as I was down on the floor on my knees.  To my amazement God and his Spirit met me there. Hope, peace, joy and love met me in the midst of my dark and debilitating depression. I never before completely experienced this amazing love. I had a sense of freedom I had never really felt before. It was so liberating, compelling, over and above that there were just no words.


Travel On It's Own Can't Make Me Happy

Birch trees at Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver

We Are All Searching


This is not a post to try to convert and force Christianity on anyone because I know all my readers are at different places in their lives. However, I know that there is something bigger out there than all of us here on earth. I know God’s love is real because I experienced it. His love is rich, it’s kind, it sometimes doesn’t make sense but it is so amazing. How does God’s love and what I experienced tie in with the topic of my post? Well I feel all of us are searching for meaning. Often life doesn’t turn out quite like we planned. There’s a nagging something in each of us that won’t stay quiet. There’s a void we all have in common. A void we try to fill with so much stuff that doesn’t ever satisfy.


Travel On It's Own Can't Make Me Happy

If we are honest there is a yearning and longing in all of us for something more.

I Want to Travel With A Purpose


A shift has been happening with me, my blog and my writing. As a result  I don’t just want to travel for myself. I want to touch other’s lives when I travel. More than anything I want to experience the hand of God on my travels. I want God to lead me and not just be forging my path all on my own. I long  to travel with God. Many things in this world break his heart. Wars, orphaned children, the poor and homeless and injustice all around. Sightseeing is good, don’t get me wrong but maybe there’s more to life than just being a constant tourist hopping from sight to sight and blogging about it. Maybe there’s a mission we all need to go on and search for.


Travel On It's Own Can't Make Me Happy

Peaceful waters, photo take while road tripping around Nova Scotia.


In closing I know this post may strike a chord in many. We are all on a journey. As a result we are all looking for peace, happiness and fulfilment. Have you ever felt a deep longing inside you? Do you think travel alone can fill the void?

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