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Travel Dreams, Travel Fears


What are your greatest travel fears? What are your greatest dreams? we all have dreams whether we acknowledge them or not. They add colour and meaning to our lives. When acted upon and lived out one can be said to be in a state of bliss and in the centre of their greatest purpose. Many of us bury our dreams and tell ourselves they are silly, too big and too lofty to attain. What are your biggest travel dreams? What are your travel fears?




We Are Powerful Beyond Measure

 Yes it’s true and the above quote hits home in so many ways. We weren’t put on this earth to shrink down and be small. are meant to shine. We are more glorious than we give ourselves credit for. Inside each of us is a wealth of beauty and potential so great that we often fail at times to see it. I see this in myself too. Sometimes I find myself apologizing for who I truly am so that I don’t step on people’s toes. But really I was made to live boldly, fearlessly and confidently. The same goes for all of us. I was made to overcome my travel fears and so were you.


My Biggest Travel Dream

For the longest time I have dreamed of going back down under. I have had Australia and New Zealand on my mind and have had a love and desire to return to Australia. I’m in love with the beaches, the cities, the bush the outback and the laid back way of living. Unfortunately I’m  too old to get a working holiday visa in Australia. However I can still get one for New Zealand until I’m 35. I could work in New Zealand and fly over and travel around Australia. Yes I know I written before on this blog about the travel life balance. I wrote a post about my preference on balancing travel with work and life. However something deep inside me is calling me to go abroad. Yes I’d love to leave Vancouver and Canada behind for a bit and go abroad.


Travel Dreams Travel Fears

White Haven Beach, Australia


My Greatest Travel Fear

My greatest travel fear is that if I take the leap, give up my apartment, sell my stuff and leave my family and friends behind that I’ll regret my decision. I’m afraid of what people will think and that I’ll never find an amazing apartment like I have now to live in. As well, I’m fearful I won’t like it, that I’ll get lonely and feel depressed. I’m afraid of falling and falling hard! Yes this is my greatest travel fear.


What if I Fall?


What if I Fly?

Sometimes we have to tell the fear who is boss. We have to stand up to it look it in the eye and tell it to go! We have this one beautiful life to live. Why should we let fear, doubt, what others think get in our way? So what if I fail? What if I look stupid? What if I make a royal fool of myself? Isn’t life good enough to provide we with another apartment? Isn’t there a benevolent God of love that will catch me if I fall? A God who will pick me up and put me on the right path and redirect my course? Yes I believe so! Often we shrivel up and let fear dictate our choices and our lives. I will not be a slave to fear! We choose which parts of us we want to feed. Do we feed love, trust, faith and courage or do we feed doubt, fear, anxiety and mistrust? I want to feed the first option!


Travel Dreams Travel Fears

Flying Over Mt Rainer on my way to Denver, Colorado


So dear reader, which side are you feeding? The side of love and trust or the side of fear and doubt? What steps will you take in the direction of your travel dreams?


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  • Reply Karlie

    I like this! So will you go down under 🙂 I think what I liked is the thought of God picking you back up if you fail. I think another thing is that a lot of people think that there is one right path in our lives, and if we don’t figure out which path it is, then we’ll fail. As opposed to there being God, loving and benevolent, who gives people many good paths. Anyway, my travel dreams are to go to Budapest in Hungary (a large chunk of my heritage is Hungarian), go to the desert in India for a week, and go to an Olympics and/or World Cup game.
    Karlie recently posted…Changdeokgung Palace and the Secret GardenMy Profile

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    August 29, 2016 at 3:00 am
    • Reply Kara Lockwood

      Hi Karlie,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I believe I will go down under soon. Whether it’s fir a month or longer I will get there. Yes I really do feel Gods got our back. I wish you all the best with your trip to Hungary!

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      August 29, 2016 at 9:30 am

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