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Want to start your own self hosted travel blog? I totally recommend Bluehost for for a host provider. I have used them now for almost 2 years and they have always been a great help when I needed them. Think of a catchy domain for your blog and type it in below and get started today!


I am part of a great community called Travel Blog Success. The TBS course will help you get started in launching you travel blog. As well you will find tons of webinars, an opportunity board and a FB community of other travel bloggers that will help you out. Click the banner below to get started.


Travel Blog Success


Travel Gear


I use the Canon Rebel T5 DLSR for much of my travel photography. It is a great camera if you are just getting started with photography and using DLSR’s. Comes with 18- 55mm interchangeable lens. To view and order go here


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