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Pushing Through and Going Forward Despite Travel Fears

Travel Fears

Travel Fears Holds Us Prisoner but Travel Hopes Set Us Free


Travel Fears, many of us have them. Travelling calls us to leave everything comfortable and all things safe. It calls us out into the vast unknown.  Travel brings us out of ourselves and get us to trust in something higher than ourselves. As a result I have been struggling and holding on. Holding on the life that I know. My job, my apartment, my old ways of thinking heck I’ve even been thinking of my old ex boyfriend I broke up with almost 2 years ago! Our fears have a way of keeping us prisoner. Instead of forging forward into new territory we hold onto what is safe, what is familiar what is known. At some point we need to let go and forge ahead into the beautiful bright future of new dreams, new experiences and new heights.

Dear One The Future is Bright


Man I can’t stay here. And that being said, I can’t stay here safe and comfortable in this prison any more. I must let go and let God. Let God lead me into the the life of my dreams. I have been holding on for so long. Trying to control and keep myself safe. Safe from hurt, safe from harm and hardship. That is no way to go through life dear friends. We have to remember that the future is bright. We may not think we have bright futures but that is no way to live. I need to let go of my safe prison, my negative thinking patterns, my ex boyfriend and just the past in general. Yes dear on believe it, the future is bright.


Travel Fears

Whangamata Beach. Photo Credit: Nicky Sharkey


Action Steps I Will Take to Prepare for New Zealand.


 I Won’t Beat Myself Up For Having Fears and Struggles

Yes I struggle with depression, anxiety and other stuff I won’t get into. We all struggle with something. But we need to be gentle with ourselves and  not beat ourselves up. We need to accept where we are at and believe that we are on way to something greater and better. Love yourself and believe in yourself.


 I Will Continue to Work With My Doctor and Mental Health Team

Working with my psychiatrist, I will make sure I have all the necessary medication to take overseas with me to New Zealand. I will make sure that he write a letter for me about my medication and condition so I can take it with me should I need to show border control, medical professionals or anyone else in New Zealand.


 I Will Start to Pack Up and Sort Through All My Stuff in My Apartment 

This step is the hardest for me as it requires strength and letting go. I will ask for some assistance in this area as it’s a big task. I will need to start sorting though what to give way, what to keep and what to sell. This is a step that I will need to start working on ASAP!


 I Will Continue to Keep Working at My Job and Saving Up Money 

The plan is to put aside at least $1200 or more every month into my savings account so I have enough to live on in New Zealand before I find a job there. I will need to keep being diligent in my savings as I will need as much as possible to make the move over there.


 I Will Cut Back on Unnecessary Spending 

Some things that come to mind when it comes to saving are cutting back on are:

  •  the amount of coffee I buy at the coffee shop. I can brew coffee at home instead.
  • stop eating out so much. Make meals at home instead
  • cut my internet and use the internet at the library, coffee shop or share with a neighbour
  • cut my cell phone bill in half.


I Will Make Tentative Plans for My Arrival in New Zealand 

I have friends all over the North Island of New Zealand, including family friends in Auckland and a few friends in Tauranga. I’m also planning to stay at a community home in Tauranga too. I will speak with all of them in the coming months about my arrival plans. How long can I stay with them, will they pick me up at the airport etc.

 I Will Continue to Prepare, Plan and Focus on My Trip Each and Everyday. 

I need to zero in and make this trip my priority. In the past while I have been on the fence wondering if I should go at all.  Despite the odds, it is time to commit and forge on forward into my dream!  I’ve got this!


Travel Fears

Just Let go and Have Fun!


Have you ever had to persevere and push through fear, doubt and obstacles to make a dream come true?

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  • Reply Brittany Quaglieri

    Yes! I had many doubts and fears as I prepared to go to New Zealand for a working holiday. A few came true, but most did not. Pushing through and spending three months in NZ was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. =) It seems like you’re focusing on all the right things right now. Keep it up!

    • : Array
    October 22, 2017 at 12:14 pm
    • Reply Kara Lockwood

      Hi Brittany, I’m so glad you got to go to NZ! Sounds like the trip of a life time. It’s worth it to push past fear!

      • : Array
      October 22, 2017 at 12:51 pm

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