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Skype Coaching With Kara



I am currently available for 1 on 1 Skype Coaching to assist in the following areas:

  • travel planning and preparation
  • overcoming fears and barriers around travel
  • creating more abundance in your life through travelling locally and abroad
  • setting up a travel blog with wordpress
  • traveling with a disability, chronic illness or mental health struggle.

Are you looking to travel more despite challenges and obstacles? Is it lack of money? Fear of the unknown? Do you struggle with a chronic illness or suffer with your mental health? Lack of finances, fear and chronic illness are all big barriers to travelling abroad. These are all things that I have faced and are overcoming in my own life. Let me come alongside you as a coach and guide you and help you live your travel dreams. See me as trusted friend that has your back and is cheering you on towards your goals.

What Coaching Is:

  • guiding you along and helping you realize your potential and ability to live your travel dreams.
  • holding what we talk about confidential
  • a cheerleader who will believe in you and want you to succeed
  • helping you achieve goals, objectives and holding you accountable
  • willingness to work hard, face yourself and do the tough inner work needed for success

What Coaching Is Not:

  • not a quick fix
  • not professional counselling or substitute to seeing a doctor or trained medical professionals
  • not rescuing, care-taking or trying to fix you.
  • not a co-dependant or unhealthy relationship


To set up our first Skype coaching call please email me contact me here I look forward to working together!



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